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The Pacific Skies Aviation mission is to educate and inspire the community about the limitless opportunities general aviation provides.

The necessity of modern airport security, however, has made it more difficult for the community to make a casual discovery of General Aviation.  Pacific Skies Aviation therefore brings the airport to the community through structured, nationally recognized organizations and new, innovative programs.

It is this "through the fence" outreach that makes Pacific Skies Aviation a flight school like none other.


Pacific Skies Aviation hosts free "Learn to Fly Seminars"-events that are open to the public. These interactive seminars describe the excitement of becoming a pilot; dispel myths, set the record straight about aviation safety, and explain the transforming experience of "earning your wings."

A venerable tradition in the General Aviation community, BBQs and pancake breakfasts are an excellent way to share in the fun and fellowship of pilots (and their family and friends) through a communal meal. To promote the importance-and reliance on-crucial partners in aviation, Pacific Skies Aviation hosted a BBQ in 2012 to honor the Air Traffic Controllers and Grounds Crew of Torrance Airport.

Torrance Fire Department Toy Drive
Participating in annual community programs allows the non-aviation enthusiast a way to experience general aviation in a memorable way. Pacific Skies Aviation hosted "Joy Drop 2012"-a fly-in and walk-in holiday toy drive in conjunction with the Torrance Fire Department.  This exciting event brought the community together with a very jolly Santa, a bright red fire truck and several friendly Torrance firemen. Scores of toys were donated, bringing joy to needy families and children.

The Los Angeles County Police Canine Association
In an ongoing mission to promote general public safety and education, Pacific Skies Aviation is a sponsor of the annual LAPCA K9 Demo. The LACPCA is an organization that promotes the educational advancement, welfare, and safety of canine teams in law enforcement. 

A vibrant and thriving sector of the General Aviation Community, Pacific Skies Aviation promotes two organizations that foster aviation among women:

The Long Beach Ninety-Nines
A storied national organization (Amelia Earhart was the first President), the Ninety-Nines "is the international organization of women pilots that promotes advancement of aviation through education, scholarships, and mutual support..." (1) Pacific Skies Aviation is a standing host for the monthly meetings of the Long Beach chapter.

The Long Beach Ninety-Nines "airmarked" a "Compass Rose" (painted a giant, colorful navigation compass mural) on the public picnic patio of Pacific Skies Aviation. This "airmarking" has been the noble ambition of Ninety-Nines since the early part of the 20th century.(2) Pacific Skies Aviation enthusiastically promotes the activities of the Ninety-Nines, and their inspiring educational symbol.

Women of Aviation Worldwide Week
Over 17,000 girls and women discover aviation during Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week. (3)
Pacific Skies Aviation sponsored a flight lesson award for the Karleen Pititt Writing Contest.  The winner described in an essay or poem why they were inspired to fly.

Aviation Career Exploring
Open to young men and women ages 14 to 20 interested in learning about careers in the field of Aviation, Aviation Exploring is a hands-on program that exposes young people to flying. It offers aviation experiences as a potential career, or simply for the sheer pleasure of being around airplanes. (4)

Pacific Skies Aviation Post 88 hosts Aviation Career Exploring groups, providing real-world career experience, skill, leadership and personal development opportunities for teenagers and young adults.

EAA Young Eagles
Pacific Skies Aviation hosts EAA Young Eagles Flight Day. The facility becomes a staging area for young men and women between 8 and 17 who want to discover the thrill of aviation, through free flights donated by private pilots and their airplanes. (5)

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