Certified Flying Instructor Training

There are no hour requirements for the Certified Flying Instructor Certificate, but candidates need to have completed both Commercial and Instrument ratings prior to applying for their CFI – ASEL Checkride. Students can keeps costs down by ensuring they are prepared with a firm knowledge of all subject areas before entering the course.

The cost scenarios outlined below are based on the Cessna 182TR Skyland, the perfect airplane used for your Commercial and Flight Instructor ratings. In addition, by the end of your training you will qualify for both complex (retractable landing gear, variable pitch propeller) and high performance (over 200 horsepower) endorsements.


Certified Flying Instructor

Hours Training Cost / Hour Total
10 CE 172 Dual $220/hr   $2,200.00
10 CE 182 Dual $260/hr   $2,600.00
50 Ground $55/hr   $2,750.00
  Fundamentals of Instruction – Knowledge test   $150
  Certified Flying Instructor – Knowledge Test   $150
  Final Exam   $1,000.00
   Total Cost    $8,850.00