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Which Aircraft is Best for Me?

Which aircraft is right for my training?

With so many types of airplanes to choose from, it’s sometimes hard to understand which one might best suit your training needs. Let’s take a look at the airplanes available at Pacific Skies Aviation and talk about the differences.

Cessna 152

67657 Exterior The Cessna 152 is a two-seat, high wing, 110 horsepower airplane. It is equipped with dual communication and navigation radios (dual glideslope), and Distance Measuring Equipment (DME). At $110 per hour this airplane is the favorite of those looking for a low cost training option that gives students a significant savings throughout their training. Some people however, feel the cockpit may be too small for them and desire a more powerful engine for better climb and cruise speeds.



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The Cherokee 140 is a four-seat, low wing, 160 horsepower airplane. It is equipped with dual communication and navigation radios and boasts a Garmin 540 GPS with a 5-inch screen. It rents for $135 per hour, so it’s still a low cost option but affording more room and horsepower. It is however an older model Cherokee that uses an overhead trim wheel that takes some getting used to. There are however some people who prefer a high wing airplane in comparison so they can clearly have the open views below them. One last consideration to the Cherokee like most low wing airplanes, is that it only has one door located on the passenger side for entry and exit. Nonetheless, the Cherokee is a versatile trainer that performs almost as well as the bigger Cessna 172, at a great price for training.

Cessna 172SPn5218F
The Cessna 172SP is a four-seat, high wing, 180 horsepower airplane. It is equipped with dual communication and navigation radios, GPS moving map displays, and an autopilot. This airplane has been the “gold standard” training platform for decades and stands on its safety and simplicity. With enough room for any sized pilot and comfortable rear seats it is not just used for flight training but a great versatile airplane to own and use for almost any travel need. Most people love the high wings that give them the beautiful unobstructed views below, and others love them for how forgiving they are in training. At $160 per hour they are still one of the most economic airplanes to fly for what you get.

Super Decathlon 8KCABDecathlon exterior
The Super Decathlon is a two-seat (pilot in the front with the instructor in the back), high wing, 180 horsepower tail-wheel airplane. It is basically equipped; one radio and a GPS. This airplane is all about learning “stick-and-rudder” skills. Although we do not use this airplane throughout your entire flight training, many people benefit from the experience of flying an incredibly sensitive, center control stick airplane to hone their skills. Mainly designed for basic aerobatics it’s also a great platform for learning stalls, spins, and flight emergencies. Pacific Skies now has an elective “Unusual Attitude Recovery” program that can allow you to experience abnormal flight situations and the proper recovery in any attitude. At $200 per hour you are paying for a unique opportunity to train outside the box.