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Getting Started

Our Discovery Flight Package is the best way to experience what flying is all about. This is what most schools refer to as an introductory flight, but we do ours IMG 1315completely differently. When you go to most schools and ask for an introductory flight, what you almost always get is a quick 20-30 minute flight in which the instructor does almost everything, and then eventually hands you the controls for a few minutes once you are up at altitude. They’ll allow you to do a couple short turns and then usually take over the flying to get you back to the airport. Although it’s exciting just to be off the ground and in awe that you had your hands on the controls for a short time, it does nothing to show you what flying is all about, and a far cry from a typical lesson you would have in training.

At PSA we take it to a whole other level. Our Discovery Flights begin with a 20-30 minute ground lesson in which you will learn all the basics of the airplane’s flight controls, instruments, and how to perform every aspect of the flight. This allows you to go into the next portion of the lesson ready to do EVERYTHING! You’ll do it all, from starting the engine, to taxiing the airplane out to the runway, from takeoff to the climb out, the turns,climbs, descents, and even the approach and landing… you’ll be at the controls the entire time with your instructor carefully guiding you through everything. It is a REAL hand’s-on experience!

You’ll walk away not only having flown the entire flight, but have an in depth understanding of how the airplane works, and what a typical lesson with us is like. We feel it is the only way you can ever really see what all the fun is about.