PSA's CFII Program

The Certified Flight Instructor - Instruments, is the next stepping stone after you get your CFI. Continue to build instrument time and experience while teaching students and meet those ATP minimums with confidence.

CFII Candidates entering the program are expected to have their CFII Knowledge Test completed. It is also recommended that candidates complete the IGI exam in addition, as it completes one of the requirements for a later Gold Seal Certification.

CFII Candidates are also expected to enter the program with instrument currency and proficiency. Candidates who find themselves out of practice will take longer to achieve the same goals.


Ground Instruction (15 hours)

CFII Candidates are taken through a modified version of the PSA Instrument Rating program. They will also have access to all the locally developed guides and training resources. Candidates will be given opportunities to practice their teaching skills under supervision, with real instrument students.


Flight Instruction (10 hours)

CFII candidates training at PSA are fortunate to be able to use the AATD CRX MAX full motion flight simulator. Candidates will not only gain confidence in a variety of approaches and maneuvers expected of a competent instrument pilot, but will be able to practice instructing their way through them. When ready, candidates will transition to the aircraft, where their last few flights will be out in the real world, putting together all the skills they have learned in the right hand seat.