After 17 years of active duty service in the United States Air Force as a Navigator/Weapons System Officer (WSO) with 2,500 hours in the B-1B, I finally flew and aircraft solo for the first time!  The PSA team from the ownership providing quality and safe aircraft to the CFIs and their outstanding instruction have been top notch across the board.  They were able to tailor a syllabus for me based on my military experience, and expertly prepare me for civilian flight, and all the intricacies that come with it.  My instructor, Taylor, who is half my age, instructed me like a seasoned professional with knowledge and demeanor well beyond his years.  The solo experience was outstanding.  He prepared me for this day all along and even during the flight, kept a watchful eye for safety and even recorded the event while taking care of my family there at the airfield at the same time.  He truly made it an event that I will always remember and I look forward to continuing on my flight training with PSA.