Need a Flight Review?

Keep your skills sharp with the instructors at Pacific Skies Aviation!

A flight review should be practical and useful, as well as meeting the regulations.

A typical flight review begins with a phone conversation between the instructor and pilot, discussing the type of flying you do, how often you fly and specific areas you may wish to concentrate on. Before you come in, often you’ll prepare a flight plan to a new destination you’d like to visit, as well as a weight and balance. Both exercises will be reviewed when you meet and form the basis for a discussion which will cover the appropriate parts of the FAR/AIM. Our focus is to make you a safer pilot, review skills and information you may have forgotten, as well as reinforce good habits. The flight portion of the review can take many forms, including a review of skills, working on areas you are uncomfortable with and learning new skills.  In some cases the pilot may need to come back for more instruction if the CFI sees more practice is needed.

How do I prepare?

Make sure all your charts are up to date, or if you use a tablet or iPad, ensure your ap has the most current data downloaded onto it. This includes:

  • Charts
  • Chart Supplement and airport data
  • Current Weight and Balance information / document for your aircraft

What should I study before hand?

The FAA has put out several resources for pilots approaching their flight reviews. Please find links to them here:

Conducting an effective flight review

2016 Flight Review & IPC check lists

Training and Aircraft Rates:

Cessna 152 $125/hr Non-accelerated

Cessna 172 $175/hr Non-accelerated

Cessna 182 $205/hr Non-accelerated

Instruction $75/hr