Save money and time getting your IFR skills back, by utilizing PSA’s full motion flight simulator (AATD).  Face it, getting those IFR skills back into shape takes time and practice. The CRX MAX Flight Simulator allows you to train whenever it suits you – day or night. Practice your skills flying a variety of approaches at any airport in the world and experience everything mother nature can send you.

The IPC (Instrument Proficiency Check)

The IPC takes the form of an IFR check ride. The first step, of course, is to get current and competent again. The friendly CFIIs (Certified Flight Instructor Instruments) at PSA will take you through a modified version of the PSA IFR syllabus, where you’ll benefit from the structured, practical teaching approach that PSA is known for, and have access to all the locally developed guides and resources. When you are ready, having spent the majority of your time in the flight simulator and again honed your skills to check ride level again out in the aircraft, you’ll be signed off and released to fly IFR!


Use PSA’s AATD to maintain your IFR currency. Under FAA rules, pilots can utilize an AATD to maintain IFR currency. Save money and practice a range of approaches, in a variety of weather conditions.

Going to a new airport for the first time? Practice the departure, arrival, approach and potential missed procedure prior to the flight in the full motion flight simulator in full IFR conditions! Take that added confidence with you on your journey.

Training and Aircraft Rates:

Cessna 152 $115/hr Accelerated; $125/hr Non-accelerated

Cessna 172 $165/hr Accelerated; $175/hr Non-accelerated

Cessna 182 $195/hr Accelerated; $205/hr Non-accelerated

Instruction $85/hr