When I turned 17 I decided to give flying a shot and see if I liked it. Nine months later, I’m an instrument rated private pilot. My instructor Adam and I have somewhat similar personalities and work well together while flying. It’s pretty intimidating to fly at first but you learn to get used to it. I just took my instrument checkride and the training was totally worth it. I was put under the “foggles” for the majority of the flight, meaning I couldn’t see anything outside of the plane – only the instruments. I had to use the navigation instruments to get wherever my examiner wanted me to go. You really have to think ahead of the airplane. The moment we landed back in Torrance I knew I nailed it. It’s such a rewarding feeling. I need to turn 18 before getting my commercial license, but I’m already in the process of starting my training.

I don’t just love aviation for the flying, I love the community aspect. I’ve met so many cool people because we all share the same interest. How old we are, where we come from, what gender we are – none of it matters in aviation.

My greatest experience so far has been flying out to Vegas on a random school night. Another one that comes to mind is flying to San Diego to get food with my friends. Having a license gives you A LOT of freedom and independence.

Overall, before I started flying, I never really considered being an airline pilot. Now, it’s the only job I could actually see myself doing.