Doing my Flight Instructor-Instrument Rating with Pacific Skies was fantastic. There are so many resources that are available at your fingertips including the advanced flight simulator, multiple IFR equipped planes, and of course the knowledge of experienced flight instructors. I worked in the simulator mostly to make sure I was able to perform to my best ability on multiple types of approaches and holds. This helped me prepare for anything that the examiner could throw at me. Along with this, I was able to complete IFR training tasks at places I would one day like to visit in Northern California and beyond. Flying with Miriam, Reza, and Jeremy also helped me feel confident in my abilities as a flight instructor as they taught me useful ways to discuss certain subjects with future students. I was also able to “backseat” multiple flight lessons, observing Miriam teach current IFR students.

I went out to Camarillo to complete the checkride and had a great experience with Joe. He was fair and informative and helped to reduce those checkride anxieties that everyone has. We completed approaches at Oxnard and Camarillo along with doing unusual attitudes, steep turns, and more. I felt I was prepared from my training at Pacific Skies and can be confident in my abilities to start teaching IFR students in the future!