A discovery flight with Pacific Skies Aviation is like no other…you are at the controls the entire time, from engine start to shut down! The amazingly simple style of instruction at PSA allows you to truly experience how to pilot an airplane.

$150 Basic Introductory Flight

The excitement begins with a 15-20 minute ground lesson in which you learn how the flight controls and instruments work, and to answer any questions you might have. This brief lesson prepares you for 45-60 minutes in flight! You’ll start the engine, taxi the airplane out to the runway, takeoff, climb, cruise, turn and descend. Even during approach and landing, you’re at the controls the entire time.

$250 VIP Introductory Flight

The VIP flight is a full 30 minutes longer than our basic introductory flight and includes a full tour of Los Angeles. You’ll fly alongside sites like LAX, Marina Del Rey, the Getty Center, the Hollywood sign, Dodger Stadium and the skyscrapers of downtown Los Angeles!

Bring a friend!

For an additional $75 per person, you can share your adventure with up to two guests.