Always heard that Instrument Rating is the hardest one to achieve towards the Commercial license, I guess I didn’t understand the magnitude of the statement. Instrument rating is serious business. It takes a lot of hard work, practice, discipline & co-ordination. There were more than once I thought I was ready however my confidence was crushed & the reality was revealed just days before the check-ride.  
Organizing time off from work, getting the schedule right for Instructor, airplanes & Examiner, Instrument malfunction just the day before the check-ride, aircraft availability, check-ride cancellation & new date being bounced around due to bad weather, name it I had it all. There were times I almost gave up on myself. I am glad I didn’t just because I wanted to see the end of it & I was simply testing/pushing myself to figure out how much more I can take. I always knew that hard work always pays off. 
 The fun part for me started the moment I managed to interpret & apply the coordinated use of the instruments, even though it took me a while after lots of beating from my Instructor Miriam, who by the way deserves a big round of applause for preparing/ helping me to achieve the Rating.   
Despite all these setbacks PSA was very supportive & continued to offer solution that worked for me. I would like to Thank the PSA Team for their support.