Make: Piper

Model: Seneca II – PA 34-200T

Year: 1977

Type: Fixed Wing Multi Engine Turbo

Engines: Continental TSIO360E

Avionics: Garmin 650 WAAS GPS


  • Private multiengine / multi engine add-on
  • Commercial multiengine / multi engine add-on
  • Commercial 10 hour complex requirement
  • Commercial time building for provisional ATP 25 / ATP 50hr multiengine requirements


Checkout Requirements:

  • PSA Checkout
  • Minimum Private Multi Cert with IFR rating
    • 250         Total logged flying hours
    • 25           hours in Multi Engine aircraft
    • 10           hours in the make and model
      • In lieu of type time and make and model time, 10 hours of dual flight instruction in aircraft of the same make and model being flown, including at least 15 takeoffs and landings while accompanied by an appropriately certificated flight instructor.


Rental Rate: $270/hr regular ($260/hr accelerated)