Being a pilot has been a dream of mine since I was just a kid, and finally that dream has come true! It has taken a while to get to a point in my life where I am able to pursue my goal, and as soon as the opportunity presented itself, I took action and became a student at PSA.


Of course, I didn’t make it terribly easy for myself, taking a few of my patented long vacations along the way, but my instructors at PSA were always flexible and willing to accommodate my unusual schedule; it never took more than a couple lessons to get back into the swing of things. I feel like I approached my training in a reasonable manner, making sure to get my medical certificate, attend the PSA hosted written exam ground school, and take my written exam early on in the process. These steps in the process of becoming a pilot are achievable almost right from the beginning, and getting them out of the way quickly took a load off my mind so I could focus on developing my skills.


Finally, after almost exactly 1 year and 3 instructors, the time came to schedule my checkride. Southern California is a busy place, and good examiners are difficult to come by, but my instructor, Dan, put in the legwork and got me a date with a DPE for July 10th. Leading up to my checkride, I was a bit concerned about my steep turns and short field landings (who isn’t?), and while Dan was visiting his family back home, Miriam was able to give me a different perspective and some extremely helpful advice to perfect those skills. My big day came, and it wasn’t easy, but in the end I nailed my wake on my steep turns and absolutely greased my short field landing. We parked the plane and my examiner uttered one of the best words I could ever hear: “Congratulations!”

A handshake, some paperwork, and a quick debrief later, I was finally a pilot!

Thanks again,