Growing up, I took an interest in flying and airplanes, and learning to fly has been something I’ve always wanted to pursue, but did not know if I could find the time to do so.  A couple years ago, though, my girlfriend bought me an introductory hour long flight for a birthday present, and I was hooked.  I chose PSA because after doing some research online and actually personally meeting with Reza, the owner, who made time to answer some questions I had up front, I felt that PSA was a safe option and that I could proceed at my own pace due to financial considerations.  After a year and a half, I took and passed my check ride the first time I attempted it.  My instructor, Mike, was not only an awesome and extremely capable teacher, but has also become a friend.  He was very flexible and understanding about my schedule.  I’m very glad I decided to pursue my private pilot certification through PSA.