Training at Pacific Skies Aviation is an excellent value.  Our world-class instruction and well-maintained aircraft are competitively priced.  Our location is only a five-minute flight to the Palos Verdes practice area, which maximizes airborne instruction.

We encourage you to take a look at training costs at other flight schools in Southern California, and you will discover that Pacific Skies Aviation will give you more for your flight training dollar.

While there no guarantees about how quickly you will earn your Private Pilot license, the FAA required minimum is 40 hours of flight training.

See the our breakdown of costs below. We have included all the associated costs of training to give you a realistic idea of what the various certificates and ratings cost.

Private Pilot Certificate

Instrument Rating

Commercial Certificate

Certified Flying Instructor

Certified Flying Instructor Instruments 


Financial aid is available! See details below.

The hourly (actual time spent with the engine running) rates for renting our aircraft for training ranges from $150 – $160 – Straight (“wet” which includes fuel)
Our current instructor rate is $70/hr. for classroom and/or flight instruction. You can reduce your training costs by self-study. We can craft a personalized self-study program to help keep you on track and progressing.

There are also some basic costs for study material and flight exams in addition to your training costs. Keep in mind that consistency is one of the most important factors to your training, and scheduling less than two or three lessons per week will typically extend the duration of training beyond the required 40 hours.

Financial Aid is available!


Financial Aid is available through Pilot Finance, Inc.  You work directly with PSA, who will help you through the process. Approval is generally a few days, and you can finance your training today.

Contact us for more details at  or call us at 888-579-6999.